The following are their exact words and identified by how the writer chose to be identified. 





I freaking love you! You are the sweetest, and I am so excited for all of the work we have done with you, we are so happy Healthy SEXY and functional!! More in love than ever and having amazing experiences! COMMUNICATION has been the key to our kick ass range working like clock work  and you have given us the tools to communicate about things we need to work out, it’s really been incredible! MWAH💋   
… You are incredibly amazing, I’m so glad you’re working with so many people, their lives and legacies will forever be grateful to you💞 – Mother of 8, Married 19 years


Left Church,I Get It Now, Back In Love!

“Dr. Cari Oneal saved me from intense personal suffering! After 20 years of marriage, my wife and I made a major transition out of religion. With this came a clearing of the slate of past beliefs as we went from thinking we knew so much about reality to realizing that we know nothing. This “Not knowing” was emotionally difficult for my wife, and in her process of untangling from religion she had and intense drive to become her own person and to explore who she was without the beliefs that had previously defined her. She soon questioned the social construct of monogamy and eventually began to explore beyond it. This was incredibly difficult for me, and when my fear and pain took over I changed from a confident, successful family and businessman to feeling like a broken puppy laying on the floor. I could no longer sleep, every part of my life was significantly affected.  

We are so grateful and we are so in love!” – Happy Husband; 22 years but NOW still happily in it!






“I came to you feeling like a “bad wife.”  Now I realize there’s room for two of us in this relationship and both of us need to participate.  Being a wife who has wants and needs and expresses them to her husband isn’t being a “bad wife” it’s being a part of the equation.  AND, now that I’m not so angry and resentful I can actually ask for those wants and needs in a way that’s respectful to us both.  (I was so resentful and being a people pleaser I was “asking” for what I wanted and needed in whiny, petty, bitchy ways.)” – Wife; 17 years, Mother, age 39.


“When I show up for myself, everyone around me (kids and husband) seem to be happier and healthier too.  It’s ironic.  I thought if I gave everything I had to kids and husband that they would be happy and it would be a good life for me.  It wasn’t!  It wasn’t safe, it wasn’t happy, and I was really starting to be resentful of everything and everyone.  Owning myself, allowing my voice to be heard, learning to make choices from a place of empowerment centered my whole family!  And that’s just the opposite of what I’ve thought how the world worked.” – Mother, Wife; 22 years, Raised Religiously Oppressed, age 43.


Relating to my Work with Minors

My hope was to offer my daughter a safe, neutral place to share her story and feelings regarding sexuality and the confusion surrounding it.  I chose to work with you because your business card offered what I was looking for and my brother highly recommended you.  You created a safe space for my daughter AND me.  ( I was nervous about giving you license to be an authority in her life.)  Working with you was easy and comfortable. My daughter looked forward to her sessions. The quality of your work was straightforward and professional and the end result has been watching my daughters’ confidence and self-respect grow as well as healthy boundaries in relationships… even with me!  I would tell anyone thinking about you, that if they really want to heal and do the work, Cari can lead the way.  Thank you, Cari….we aren’t done with you yet! – My name is Momma, I am 55, live in Idaho and have a sports medicine specialty M.A. and work as a licensed massage therapist.


I wanted to feel okay with having sex.  I was having sex with people I really didn’t want to and then feeling bad about myself after.  I really wasn’t into school or even made many friends.  Working with you was a little confusing at first but you were really kind though and I saw you as kind of superhuman. I felt like you knew so much more than I did. (I thought at first you were judging me until I realized that it’s just your “thinking face.” You really listen to me and I’m not used to that I guess.)  I don’t feel miserable after sex anymore, I’m finding my way with my boyfriend, I’ve got tools now and I use them.  I would tell other people that you give great insight and that you could help them in their time of need.  – Female, 17 yrs, student and finding her confidence in life.


Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with these past few weeks, it really has been very beneficial for me. I am glad that I have realized what my needs are and how to deal with them!  – Female, 14 yrs, student and now easier to live with!


My daughter has had an incredible 48 hours!  Unbelievable growth and courage in her.  Thank you so much!  Mother of 7, 46 yrs, and delighted with my daughter’s new sense of personal responsibility

Biggest Difference

“Biggest difference in our marriage is our ability to communicate.  You have given us a framework that is changing everything.  We are having some intense experiences…without this framework, it would be a disaster.  Instead, it is the most exciting, liberating and bonding time of our lives!” “…at the end of the day, I am a better person.  I am a more functional adult.  I am able to perceive where thoughts, ideas, and emotions are coming from and if they are healthy or unhealthy.  I have tools to deal with those thoughts and emotions.  As a result, my overall relationship with my wife is even better than it was before.  Our sex life is on a path I never realized was possible.  We are growing together in a safe space.” Heath Hendrickson


“I could have never gotten to where I am now on my own.  I had tried to find my confidence, read books and been on every Internet site there is for years!  You have my respect and; my gratitude.  Lady, YOU have a gift.” – Husband, Father, Business Owner, age 58


“Clarity!  I see that what I thought was working really isn’t working and that’s why I feel so shitty.” – Female, Not Used to Using Her Voice with Lots of Obligations, age 39.


“My husband has changed in so many great ways! He is not threatened anymore by other men and he finally feels validated as a husband and a lover.  I finally want my husband as much as he wants me.” – Wife; 14 years, Mother, age 34.


“He used to emotionally manipulate me and be so needy.  Now he shows up as a man who wants to love and be loved.  It’s so hot!” – Wife; 21 years, Mother, Business Executive, age 47.


“I feel more emotionally safe with my husband.  I’m not hiding from his sexually or walking on eggshells anymore!” – Wife; 4 years, Business Owner, age 54.

As A Coach

“Thank you for your perception and clarity as well as your willingness to challenge me when I need it.  I appreciate that you are able to do that – not everyone can.” – Business Executive, age 60.


“I appreciated your boldness in suggesting books, alternative treatments and outside materials/homework that I could access to help my growth.  I particularly enjoyed the fact that so much of our work together was centered on what was going on in my head and heart, my past, present and future struggles — rather than focusing on someone else, aka, my wife.”  Heath Hendrickson


“I’m USING you as the greatest tool in my toolbox! I LOVE that I have you as a resource for my weekly life review, as a reflection of total honesty with myself. I’m so excited to face you each week and analyze my life!” – Wife; 21 years, Mother, age 47.


“I can never express enough gratitude for how giving and gifted you are. Your capacity to engage on such a deep level with other humans and Care is beyond education solely. You are a great human being!”  – Wife; 21 years, Mother, age 47


“I’ve never had a person really have MY back.  You really didn’t have any other agenda than my health and healthy process.  That was weird at first.  I didn’t trust it but then I came to count on it a deeply value our session time.” – Mother, Wife, Human Being, age 41.


“You’re doing awesome work!!!!  I can’t wait to have you certified in sex coaching and being to refer to you. XO, love you.” – Dr. Patti Britton Ph.D., MPH (America’s Sex Coach) 2013

Sexually Speaking

“After working with you, after doing my homework, I had an orgasm that rocked my world!  My entire body felt like BUTTER…and [my husband] and I just cried and held on to each other.  It felt like it lasted for hours.  We couldn’t speak, we just “were two beings” for the longest time.  Later we called it “The Cari!” – Hot Healthy Sexy Functional Woman, Mother of 7 kids, Still Rocking it at age 42!


“I would NEVER have thought of playing with energy sexually, but now you’re my doorway!” – Wife; 18 years, Mother, Business Owner, age 42.


“It’s so great to get out of my head.  I’m that way for a few days after our sessions and without expectations, I AM SO MUCH MORE!  When I don’t have expectations on me I CAN show up!  I DO show up!” – Husband; 16 years, Father, age 46.


“Sex is about sex and pleasure now!  NOT have to’s and orgasms.” – Business Owner, age 52.


“I am excited for new sexual experiences; with myself and with my partner.” – Wife, Mother, age 41.


“I was so present, it was so calming, sex was sooo much better!” – Monogamous, Only ONE Sex Partner my Entire Life, Wife; 19 years, age 38.


Sexual Self Concept

“Probably recognizing bad thinking left over from Mormonism. I have had to fight the patriarchy inside of me. Realizing that we are both responsible for our own happiness and pleasure. I cannot depend on her to make me happy, soothe my wounded child, make up for moms deficiencies, etc. those are my battles. Realizing that I do not own Karissa, she has no ‘obligation’ to me, she is a completely separate and independent woman who is in her own power. We don’t ‘complete’ each other. Learning to love myself with all my weakness and strengths–not just tolerate them but actually love them. She chooses me because she has found something in me that she admires, is drawn to, adores, etc.  I am not here to make up for her deficiencies. She is not there to make up for mine. But I love those too. So, it has required a lot of mental/emotional work on my part to deal with my own shit, clean up my own emotional mess, so that we can come together as functional adults. When we do this — our passion is overwhelming.  I stand by that 100%.” Heath Hendrickson


“Thank you, I don’t have to feel guilty for wanting what I want and needing what I need.  I feel confident I can be a good companion.” – Wife; 10 years, Business Owner, age 44.


“Now I’m showing up like a Hot Healthy Functional Woman rather than a Scared People Pleasing Safety Girl Teenager.  My husband is showing up as a Functional Adult now too and it’s SOOOO HOT!” – Hot Healthy Functional Happy Monogamish Woman, Mother, Community Leader, age 45.


Energy Work

“I got incredible clarity by your process, indeed getting insight into a couple of major sticky/glitchy points (as you put it). Your follow-up email was splendid and it was a superb example of a brilliant session.  I felt that I received value, insight, and clarity with what you provided.  You were fantastic and I was thrilled that I came away with new insights!” – SB, Therapist, Partner, age 56.


“I can see that the work you and I did seems to have created massive shifting in my relationship with my wife.  (I didn’t blow up at her or cause a massive fight because I finally figured out where MY self-berating came from.)  My feelings about my wife truly correlate to how I’m feeling about myself.  I’ve never been willing to consider it until our work together.  Thank you!”   Husband, Business Owner, age 38.


“I’m in energy work and you found things I have never considered!  You’ve got a gift for this and a technical mind that really brings pragmatism to your coaching.  You are crazy smart on seeing patterns!”  Jeanne Demers


Sex, Power, Money – Change One & You Change Them All

“Also, you might be interested to know that my profits are up almost 100% this year so far …I am moving forward with projects that have been stagnating for years and it is WONDERFUL!  I credit this new energy to the work we have done together!!” Heath Hendrickson


“I’m a better parent!  This (coaching sessions) was about sex and the relationship with my husband, but I’ve even turned into an example for my daughters now.  I am showing up for them as a Functional Adult rather than showing them that women have to be people-pleasing empty vessels.” – Mother, Wife; 16 years, Raised Religiously Oppressed, age 38.


Tools & Superior Sex Map

“I was lacking vocabulary and tools to paint an accurate picture of what was going on in my head, heart, and body.  As those labels and tools were introduced, I became aware of solutions and options I didn’t know I had access to as well as other problems I couldn’t even identify before.  Awesome.” Heath Hendrickson


“I would be greatly honored to share this with my clients to serve as a powerful tool for them knowing themselves as fully self-expressed sexual human beings, ultimately Naked Soul to Soul as I like to say.  I greatly appreciate the contribution that you are to the SCU and the field of Sexology and look forward to meeting you in person someday soon.” Leslie, Sex Therapist Florida